Nov 23, 2010

Six Degrees of Separation [1993]

Directed by Fred Schepisi 
Production Design by Patrizia von Brandenstein 
Art Direction by Dennis Bradford 
Set Decoration by Gretchen Rau   
Cinematography by Ian Baker  
Film Format: 35 mm  
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 
Maiden Movies

Six Degrees of Separation, has the classic late1980s glass fronted blonde hardwood cabinets with interior halogen pin-point lights, and central island and granite counters – and no food. 
As with Babette’s Feast, (see above) an unused space is transformed and enhanced by the pluck and savvy of a (seemingly) benevolent outsider, Will Smith.   But in this case, the hosts’ already overfed self-esteem is corroborated rather than informed and their vanities exploited rather than curtailed.  That their kitchen may be the locus for their self deception is a surprise to them, if perhaps less so to us.  But we can enjoy the ride, as the camera flits about like another wineglass sipping chattering guest, with vegetables searing on an open grill and linguini being turned in a stainless steel pan in close-ups worthy of food/art photographer Irving Penn.  

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