Nov 23, 2010

The Graduate [1967]

Directed by Mike Nichols
Production Design by Richard Sylbert
Set Decoration by George RE. Nelson
Cinematography by Robert Surtees
Film Format: 35 mm   Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1
Embassy Pictures Corporation
In The Graduate, ennui, of the affluent suburban variety, is embodied in the arid & antiseptic interiors of the Braddock Family kitchen(s??  Depending on the shot, there appear to be two fully exquipped rooms, visibly connected through the saloon-style doors for an instant).  With its two recessed cooktops, two built-in refrigerators (both side-by-side, and bottom-mounted freezers), the white laminated surfaces and white polished floors serve as a halcyon backdrop to the title character (Dustin Hoffman's) confused and alienated slouch toward adulthood.

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