Nov 13, 2010

A Perfect Murder [1998]
Directed by Andrew Davis
Production Design by Phillip Rosenberg
Art Direction by Patricia Woodbridge
Set Decoration by Debra Schutt  
Cinematography by Dariusz Wolski  
Film Format: 35 mm  Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Warner Bros. Pictures

I'll start with a post of the movie kitchen that inspired the whole idea for the blog - A Perfect Kitchen: 
A Perfect Murder features an impossibly enormous renovated prewar townhouse, and though the kitchen is the ultimate scene of the crime the only thing perfect is the housekeeping. This kitchen isn’t for soiling with anything so messy as food. Even the cook’s “famous roast” comes out of the oven like an immaculate concoction. Our introductory view is disembodied as the camera slowly and coldly caresses the highest-end fixtures and furnishings, gliding across hand painted glass tile backsplash, unused brass-plated standing faucet and antique lever controls above an enormous, pristine, porcelain bib sink; copper pots for every possible purpose hang high and still over a work table big enough for a wrestling match with a stranger. The multiple entrances from various parts of the home only makes us feel more vulnerable to unexpected entry and the separate door to a service elevator can only lead to danger. If the ominous darkness wasn’t enough to make unsuspecting Gwyneth Paltrow stay miles away in the bath, you might still need the plot contrivance of a ringing phone to bring her padding in in robe and slippers. Lucky for her there was a 9 inch stainless-steel meat thermometer nearby.

The Denoument   A Spoiled Marriage is Discarded.   Handsink with alabaster countertop, copper under-mount, ovoid basin & wall mounted faucet with double lever controls; double door freezer and glass fronted dessert refrigerator; double wall oven, Calacatta marble countertops.


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