Nov 23, 2010

Babette's Feast [1987]

Directed by Gabriel Axel
Production Design by Sven Wichmann
Cinematography by Henning Kristiansen
Film Format: 35 mm  Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1
Panorama Film A/S 

The kitchen Babette arrives to, in a cold and spare coastal peasant home, is small, dim and stuffy.  It is used only for the most prosaic, even reviled, purposes - the sustenance of the flesh.  To the ascetic religious dwellers of the this bleak coastal Denmark village, food is for survival, and the corrupting pleasures of the flesh must be assisudously guarded against. 

But in a definitive example of the meaning of a place being generated by its use, the space of the kitchen (and likewise the temperaments of the villagers), are transformed by the culinary magnanimity of generous master chef Babette.  
By sharing the benefits of her inheritance, her expertise and her grateful heart, Babette makes guests of her hosts and brings color, texture and rhythm to a stark physical and emotional landscape, showing that the soul may be nourished by the body. 


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